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From Mogadishu – Somalia, born June 1, 1986.

I am a documentary filmmaker. I worked as a freelancer in Somalia during the civil war. For my work I risked my life several times, and in Mogadishu I lost my friends and colleagues. I went to Hargeisa Somaliland, here begins my escape, the journey to search for a better future (looking for sense), it was 2 December 2007 when I left my country. Arrived in Italy via Lampedusa in August 2008. In 2011 I participated in the video-training project promoted by Archivio delle Memorie Migranti (AMM) – archive of migrants memories and I realized one of the episodes of the film “Benvenuti in Italia – Welcome to Italy”: “Dadir”. In 2012 I made the short film “To whom it may concern”, a short documentary that tells my return to Lampedusa, by reading my diary. An opportunity to recall the stay in the CIE and go in search of lost memories. The documentary was selected by the “House of European History Exhibit” of the European Parliament in Brussels.

My filmography statement: – L’attesa (doc, 2012,d), – Benvenuti in Italia (Dadir) (d, 2012) – To Whom It May Concern (d, 2013) – Lampedusa film, by Peter Schreiner (Act, 2015) – Il signore di Mogadiscio (The man from Mogadishu) (d, 2013-2018) work in progress. – Garten (Garden) film, by Peter Schreiner (Assistant camera, light and technical support) 2015-2018 Austria. In Rome: Working with AMM collects and disseminates life stories and testimonies on migration, both oral and written. It produces audio and video documentaries and organizes personal narrative and antiracism workshops for schools with the active participation of migrants. With the support of AMM: now I am working another documentary. Returning to Lampedusa, After To whom it may concern:

Work in progress: The man from Mogadishu documentary: November 2013, I give voice to the survivors of the shipwreck of 3 October 2013, detained in the CIE, 1 month and 15 days after the tragedy that killed 368 migrants from the Horn of Africa.