Project Description


Sfurti Sahare is a face of many young women in India. She is a Motivational Speaker and a Corporate Consultant helping people to perform at their Peak Potential.She is a Top Selling Author of a Book,’ Think and Win like Dhoni’ sold over a record number of copies in multiple language and a computer engineer who switched her profession and went against the odds in India.At 23, Sfurti left her Software Tester Job and started writing her first draft of book which was rejected by 22 Publishers straight.

At 25, she came up with her first book and won…

  • Amazon’s Most Popular Self Help Book 2016 Poll.
  • Nari Shakti Award 2018( meaning ‘Power Women’ Award)
  • Top Nominee of International Young Author Award, Dubai
  • Her Book was the Reader’s Digest Promotion Title of 2017-2018.

Driven by her passion for inspirational speaking ,Sfurti wants to inspire more women and young generation to come out of their shell and shine. She is coming out with her new book with Amazon-Westland.