Project Description



At the age of ten he is already fully immersed in the world of music, an important family heritage. Pianist, keyborder and author for the Little Avion Travel Orchestra. He composed soundtracks for Riccardo Milani, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Lina Wertmuller, Giovanni Piperno. In 2002 he creates, with Agostino Ferrente, the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio, a multiethnic experiment to give value to unknown and precious musical expressions. The Orchestra welcomes musicians coming from ten different countries around the world but who speak a common language: that of harmony between traditions, different kinds of music and sounds. This is a dream come true, a dream born playing a few notes on a Fender Rhodes. The impossible becomes possible, the possible becomes inevitable when in just over a decade, a multi-ethnic musical project becomes, with the youngest just teenagers, a natural way to create art together in a increasingly multiethnic and globally local Rome.