Project Description


Vincenzo Nigro is a Professor of medical genetics at Vanvitelli University, Caserta, and researcher at the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine in Pozzuoli. He is a Medicine graduate. From 1982 to 1990, while at the Institute of General Pathology and Oncology he prepared his doctoral thesis and consequently was an AIRC fellow. He worked at the IIGB in the laboratory of Edoardo Boncinelli. from 1989 to 1994 and since 1991, he has created a research group for the study of muscular dystrophies. His publications include 170 peer reviewed articles. Among his first significant results were the identification of the 2F limb muscular dystrophy as well as the identification of the hamster cardiomyopathy mutation BIO14.6. Furthermore, he identified the causes of other genetic diseases, such as FG 4 syndrome, LGMD1F, etc. Currently, he directs the laboratory and the Medical Genetics Specialization School. He has conducted research projects on the gene therapy of delta-sarcoglycanopathy and on the identification and new causes of genetic myopathies using the next generation sequencing (NGS). He has developed specific strategies for the detection of mutations in neuromuscular disorders, lysosomal storage disorders, neufibromatosis, kidney disorders, etc. He is the coordinator of the NGS facility and creator of the Telethon Undiagnosed Program which provides diagnosis of new and unrecognized genetic disorders based on the latest DNA analysis technologies.