Project Description


Raluca Andreea Hartea is a visual artist and creator of the “goodfeelings” method. She attended the Visual Arts faculty at NABA and continued her studies completing a two-year period in Dynamic Hypnosis and Anagogic Psychology at the CID_CNV Institute, in Milan. She exhibited in galleries and institutions in Italy, Spain and China. She often participates as guest speaker in Design and Illustration courses at Università degli studi di Milano, at Collegio di Milano and at Scuola Internazionale di Comics di Roma. She exhibited in many galleries and institutions in Italy, Spain and China.

Her artistic and creative research is influenced by psychology, drawing inspiration from the mechanisms of the unconsciousness and emotional perceptions. Her fascination for the human being takes her to investigate the inner world as a way to explore the world  around us all. The element of color is an aspect she constantly analyzes as a physiological and symbolic stimulus, since it can evoke individual memories of actions, emotions and sensations associated with them, often on an unconscious level.