Project Description


Olajide as he is fondly called is an accomplished man of excellence with strong penchant in training and developing peoples skills to be the best in their chosen of endeavour.An international acclaimed Business Development, Motivational Speaker, and life Coach. He was trained as an Engineer at the University of Ibadan, the Nigeria premier University and an Alumnus of University of Bologna, Italy . In his quest to empower young business leaders around the world, Jide has been involved in helping big and small corporations to attain global relevance in providing sustainable solutions for social and economic advancement. Jide believes Africans; Africans are extremely intelligent, brilliant and hardworking. His passion is to improve the life ,quality of black Africans through mind-set change! “You cannot change a man’s life unless and until you change his mind-set”, he says. Jide is passionately committed to transforming the mind-set of Africans to drive wealth creation, social development and economic emancipation in Africa and for Africans. Jide is a man of vision, mission, result and positive relationships. He has written many articles and books .He is the author of “Stop Living in Yesterday”,“Immortality and Parenthood” and “Ocean’s Whisper”.

Portraits by Eolo Perfido