Project Description


Morgan is the co-founder and COO of Bold Metrics, the gold standard for predicting accurate, detailed body measurements. Bold Metrics unlocks human body data to drive commerce solutions for consumers buying sporting or apparel products, and is a category creating conduit for innovative solutions in virtual reality and body relative product design. As one of the early hires at Sonos, a digital start-up Morgan helped build out the US sales channel and then helped the company scale to Asia, Australia, Latin America, and Canada. During Sonos Morgan began buying and selling domain names and writing about his experiences on his blog. Since then Morgan’s blog has become one of the go-to resources for domain name investors around the world. Over the years Morgan has helped some of the most well- known brands in the world acquire their domains which have now become household names. Morgan spent close to a decade at Sonos and left to co-found Bold Metrics with the goal of creating a technology that could accurately predict the human body without requiring a measuring tape, selfies, or a physical body scanner. Today Bold Metrics powers a wide range of applications from product design to commerce and innovative new areas like virtual and augmented reality. Morgan sees a world where everything is personalised to the human body, from the seat in our cars, to the chair we sit in, the bike we ride and the clothes we wear, and technology will power this evolution.

Portraits by Eolo Perfido