Project Description


Menno Schilthuizen (1965) is a Dutch evolutionary biologist. He works as senior researcher at Naturalis Biodiversity Center- the Netherlands’ national natural history museum- and holds a professorship at Leiden University. Although his research takes him to faraway wild natural places like the heart of Borneo, where he lived and worked for six years, he can also be found studying the animals and plants in the street of the city where he lives. Besides his academic work, Schilthuizen is active as a science communicator. He writes books for a general public, such as Nature’s Nether Regions on the evolution of genitalia. Also, he is a public speaker and frequently appears on radio and tv all over the world. Together with biologist Iva Njunjić, he set up Taxon Expeditions, which organises scientific expeditions for lay people with the aim of discovering new species of wildlife. His latest book, Darwin Comes to Town, deals with the ways in which urban nature evolves to adapt to the world we create in our cities