Project Description


Marco Menichelli 38, CTO in Xsense Corp and Innovation Scientist in Silicondev S.p.A., already at a young age represented the Italian University in Paris, on  the occasion of a meeting organized by ESA Space focuses on new aerospace technologies. In 2010 he took his first steps in the design of AI algorithms in NLU areas and Computer Vision. In 2012, with Mayam, Lamarck wins the innovation award at SMAU Milan for “Leonardo Human Language Code,” an AI that can develop Java code by reading the specifications written in natural language. In 2015 he started working with Silicondev S.p.A. for the industrialization of a Xsense product, a set of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, already considered by industry experts and multinationals, as a new and definitive approach to learning and natural language understanding. Xsense in 2017 has officially surpassed human capabilities in the maintenance of the context of complex conversations, and is the first capable of language learning engine capable to “invent” notions, using proprietary algorithms designed studying human cognitive processes. In 2017 he began experimenting on AI algorithms that can simulate the human intuition, with the aim of making Xsense independent versus the activities and responsibilities that will be assigned.

Portraits by Eolo Perfido