Project Description



A scholar of Sociology and Cognitive Neuroscience, Martens analyzes the economic and social impact that technological change has been as an architect of our times.

Focusing his attention on the start up and the value they produce, he created his own marketing company in order to help start up in what he believed, and to underline the importance of the growing phenomenon  in the international scene.  He succeeded thanks to his “philosophy of the future” – which speaks on his philosophical platform MindMedley technology – to attract the attention of large multinational companies and create winning partnerships between these and the small innovative start-ups towards the creation of a production system , oriented towards a virtuous growth of shared values.

Laurens is always interested in exploring new cultural narratives about how we live and what we are at a time of exponential technological change. He believes that small innovative companies of today, which are the basis of this change, “have a chance to make an impact which is bigger than any other industry in the past: this opportunity, however, is closely linked to the way in which an idea, a product or service will be told, and its capacity to be widespread”.