Project Description


Ismael Cala is a life and business strategist, best-selling artist, and international speaker who specializes in personal development and Mindful Exponential Leadership. Born in Santiago de Cuba, Cala graduated with honors from both “Universidad de Oriente” and “York University.” As the former host of CALA, a primetime talk show on CNN en Español, he became one of the most renowned journalists and highest-ranked Hispanic speaker in the region. He was referred to as “the Latino Larry King” by the New York Times and is also the founder and president of CALA Enterprises Corporation, a content production company  focused on leadership, mindfulness, productivity, and excellence. Cala is the president of the Ismael Cala Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and sponsor vocational training, leadership, and emotional intelligence programs for disadvantage children and teens throughout Latin America and within the U.S. Hispanic Community. Cala’s passion, work, and contributions have led him to make an impact on countless lives in more than twenty-five countries, and he strives to continue to do so through his growing efforts to spread well-being, productivity, and excellence throughout the world.