Project Description


Giulia Baccarin has worked abroad for years, especially in the Far East whom she loves greatly. When she returns permanently to Italy, at the young age of 27, she realizes that what she most wants is to create a virtuous business reality, able to restore trust and welcome all those Italian talents fleeing abroad for lack of viable opportunities.
So,she becomes a shareholder and managing director of I-care, today’s leading company for predictive maintenance and reliability engineering. With the growth of I-care and the realization of her “entrepreneurial dream” in parallel, a strong desire to promote and support the entrepreneurial spirit of other young talents was born, with a nod to women, who, like her wanted to do business in Italy. With this goal she founded in 2012 MIPU, agroup of companies specializing in predictive modeling and Data Science. The path, like that of so many other women who are facing the business world, was undoubtedly difficult, not least because of the difficulty of being recognized asan authoritative partner in a male-dominated industry such as STEM. The challenge is just beginning, she says, but the successes of recent years have amply repaid the sacrifices: a little over a month ago Gamma Women, in partnership with the Sole24Ore, has awarded her the prize for Young Female Entrepreneurs with the specific recognition of “having successfully created an entrepreneurial venture of open innovation, with strong international outlook.”

Portraits by Eolo Perfido