Project Description



Director of one of the most successful Italian films of this year, “They Called Him Jeeg Robot “, a film which according to critics and audiences is revolutionizing the conventions and language of our cinema. Mainetti is setting the challenge between contemporary super-heros in Rome, an ancient and unusual setting for the genre.
Mainetti uses his passion for comics and Japanese animation to tell stories and slices of daily life that are often strong and touching. The success of Mainetti’s first feature film is also the story of the difficult but positively successful challenge of the actual production, brought on with perseverance and courage.
His story begins in Rome where he studied cinema and then continued in NY where he attended directing and screenplay courses. As an actor, he starred in several films and television productions, before moving to directing in 2008 with the short film “Sideburns”, presented in more than 50 international festivals.
In 2011, he founded the Goon Films production company with whom he produced his second short film, “Tiger Boy”, immediately acclaimed by film critics, achieving awards in Italy and abroad, including a “Nastro d’Argento” for best short film in 2013 and a nomination at the Academy Awards in the same category in 2014.