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Belgian, a naturalized Canadian, he is considered a leading expert in the world of new media. Scientific director of the digital culture magazine Media Duemila, Scientific Director of the Association TuttiMedia Observatory and Supervisor of the Planetary Collegium T-Node in Trento research.
Already full professor at the University of Toronto in Canada and the University Federico II of Naples. After working with Marhsall McLuhan as an assistant and co-author, he was the director of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto, from 1983 until 2008.
de Kerckhove is known for his many academic works which laid the foundations for the modern theory of communication in the digital age.
Among them, “Skin of culture”, a collection of essays of 1995 translated into dozens of languages, and “Connected Intelligence”, in which he proposed the concept of “connective intelligence”, adapting the concept of “collective intelligence” of the French philosopher Pierre Levy to the era of the web.
For de Kerckhove, the Internet is similar to a brain that learns and restructures continuosly, the conscience of the world, the common public space that breaks down limits and geographical boundaries. He is numbered amongst the founders of Digitales, a startup to share and transfer information and he is actively involved in the International Network for Culture and Technology.