Project Description


After a whole life of observation and political inactivity, Charly Pache started in the mid of his thirties to get more and more conscious about the weaknesses of modern democracies. The huge gap between what’s written on the package and what the content really is. From then, two choices appeared, either to go in a remote mountain to raise sheeps, or to get involved. In 2015, he founded Generation Nomination, a swiss NGO dedicated to bring democracy to the next level, the one of total participation and accessibility. Fostering civic education and empowerment, he is an advocate of the reintroduction of sortition, or drawing by lot, for the selection of the legislative bodies.

Innovative ways of thinking have always been part of his way of life. Charly Pache worked as a software engineer in the space and automotive industry, studied entrepreneurship as well and is currently working as a freelancer. Beside he is also involved in the FabLab community and the Swiss Game Center.