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Professor of Marketing, Innovation and Sustainability at Roma Tre University. Consultant for leading companies and Italian institutions, a former President of the Startup Commission of the Lazio Region. Member of the SIMktg (Italian Marketing Society steering committee) and President of the Marketing Award for universities. He was part of the ROME team, winner of the 2014 Solar Decathlon Europe, the international competition between universities in the field of sustainable construction building. Member of the Order of Journalists. He is author of numerous publications, including: The marketing of branded food products (Warner Books, 1995); Marketing Made in Italy (Franco Angeli 2001); Marketing Plan of the new products, (with Matt G., McGraw-Hill 2002); Branding (with Matt G., McGraw-Hill 2006); Perfect Food. Companies, consumers and environmental impact of food (with M.Marino, Editions Environment 2015); Digital Marketing (with A. Poggiani, McGraw-Hill 2016). Marketing (with Peter J. P. and J. H. Donnelly, McGraw-Hill 2017).

Portraits by Eolo Perfido