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Carl Craig is often described as a creative visionary, an icon of electronic music, a world famous DJ and an ambassador of his native Detroit.
Artist, producer, DJ, organizer of music festivals and curator of record labels, Craig is considered the artist who, more than any other, has been able to define the esthetics of  the “sound of Detroit”, still one of the cornerstones of electronic culture worldwide.
Experimenting with the sounds of jazz and soul, Craig has always cultivated, in all his projects, a powerful fascination with the futuristic dimension in his work. This allowed him to build a unique path as an artist and music entrepreneur, producing numerous albums, often in collaboration with other established electronic music artists, and to receive a nomination for a Grammy Award.
The Carl Craig style, both in his productions and in his DJ-sets, encompasses a wide range of influences and musical trends. His uniqueness ,however ,is to alternate in his career and in his discs, the rhythmic and hypnotic typically alienating atmosphere of techno music, with the warmth and sensuality of jazz, soul and deep house. All of this co-exists in a frame of experimentation that sometimes reaches the limits.
Among his many projects, one of the most innovative was Innerzone Orchestra, with which he first published his influential single bug in the Bassbin, then the album Programmed , in which Craig directed a live jazz orchestra. Carl Craig has been named by critics as “the Miles Davis of electronic music”.