Project Description


Adriano Lopez de Onate, is a 13 year old student, and is attending Year 8. As a young boy he watches with keen observer eyes everything around him, as he realizes that the world he lives in today will be subjected to a series of numerous transformations and is fascinated by technology because it impersonates his idea of change. He feeds his passion for the world of computer science and programming and dreams of growing his company into a computer science world colossus .At the beginning of 2016 he meets the one who will become his partner: Luigi Ruggieri,a good understanding between the two is born, united by the same passion. At just 13, they are beginning to develop an innovative digital platform called “Books & Stuff” that allows sharing of books between students. He is the CEO, SEO and CO-Founder of the new startup, has acquired a Microsoft certification and is representative for historical blog called, he has excellent knowledge of computer languages. He continues to observe the world and live his life as a teenager with the eyes of an innovator and a dreamer.