TEDxRoma Team


We are grateful to our partners who participated and will participate with enthusiasm and valuable contribution to the realization of TEDxRoma events and thus to the spread of innovative ideas.
They too, like us, are eager to consciously take part in the realization of our near future.

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Technical Partner

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Why become a partner?

Supporting the TEDx events demonstrates a unique commitment to the main themes of contemporaneity and the future, as well as a strong focus on cultural principles and ethical and social responsibility that characterize our time.

The events of TEDxRoma have a strong communicational and innovative impact on issues of social, scientific and cultural importance.

Becoming a sponsor or partner of TEDxRoma means obtaining visibility within the communication material, both online and offline, both institutional and related to the communities that TEDxRoma activates every year.

It means becoming part of a network of innovative thinkers, organizations and communities, both local and national.