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He is an artist and researcher based in Monaco, he is an ambassador of the Republic of Užupis, which he created. He is director of the Institute for Applied Paradox at Užupis University itself, a critic for journals such as MIT Press’ Leonardo, and a board member of conferences such as Ethics x AI. He is a member of important committees on artificial intelligence and art such as the European AI Alliance, AI4EU and the Goethe A(I)lliance.

He studied Communication Sciences at RWTH Aachen (Germany) and Critical Thinking at the University of the Underground in New York.

After his studies, he researched Artificial Superintelligence at RWTH Aachen, and worked as Communication Manager for Europe’s leading startup center.

In 2019 he quit his job to devote himself entirely to studying what happens at the intersection of art, technology and society. His main research question is how to transform technological progress into social welfare, with a focus on disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Web3.

Max creates concepts, works of art and events to challenge prevailing paradigms and explore ideas that are still “unthinkable”.