Empowering Through Neutrality

At this year’s TEDxRoma 2018, we are focusing on the idea of Esperanto, but we want to look beyond conceptuality.

Starting from the utopian idea of a language capable of connecting diversities through a neutral and universal common space, we will extend this idea to the multiple areas which characterize today’s society.

In a global reality in which differences are ever more radical, the challenge is to create a place where differences communicate and learn to cooperate. Technology, art, economy, politics are all qualifying platforms to do such a thing; but will they be able to maintain neutrality? Will they be able to take on the challenge to build virtual connections among the various complexities of the world we live in, and at the same time, being able to transform differences into opportunities?

TEDxRoma’s fifth edition aims to encourage the thought of a more neutral use of strength and ideas, against the abuse of power and arrogance of an individualistic perspective.

This year, by offering a new formula, we will alternate the moments of reflection with our speakers, with the possibility of experimenting the concept of neutrality though interactive experiences. We are introducing the Active Neutrality Areas (ANA), dedicated workshop spaces where we are to observe and analyze how understanding and accepting differences may become the vital source of promoting encounters and innovation.



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