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Third Self

The first digital revolution led man to be connected to machines and to observe a new way of his mechanical ability to interact with the outside world. Man doubled his ability, delegated some functions, but controlled the objects of his technological choices. It is in this context that Sherry Turkle, in 1984, theorized the Second Self.

Today we have quickly entered the era in which the unconscious improvement of a new sensory and perceptive dimension is challenging man in every instant of his daily life, while the technological transformation – of which he is often unaware – is in fact placing him in front of the prophecy of overcoming one’s own kind. The virtual and interconnected world we live in is already massively increasing the prospect of developing a new self. In this context, the ideas amplified, processed and filtered by the digital tools we use have a strong and lasting impact on our identity; and it is precisely the relationship between ideas and identity that is influencing our world on a value, perceptive and intellectual level. Thanks to our multidimensionality, in which physics intersects with biology giving life to a new experiential model, we experience the present as a mirror of the future; a future too distant for us to possess, but which our third selves are programmed to encode as a unique opportunity for human progress.

In this scenario, in which progress seems to us to be both liberation and condemnation of man, what is changing in our emotions and in our thoughts? What is becoming new culture and what are we leaving behind? Is it time to delegate our critical thinking, the engine of all the changes experienced in human history, to machines? What will be our new weaknesses and aspirations in the human third dimension? And what opportunities should we seize – or perhaps better, start building? The present asks us if we are marking the way for the improvement of our species, in its essence or in its mission, or simply if this amplification of our identity will lead us to a mere and sterile human superfetation. In any case, and at the end of common reflections, as always, each of us is left free to shape our unique, private – and ideal for us – third self. At TEDxRoma 2023 we will welcome many of the great thinkers and visionaries of our age on this theme which, locally and globally, will mark a new human destiny yet to be built.

Emilia Garito
TEDxRoma Curator and Organizer
TEDx Italian Ambassador


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We are a heterogeneous group of people, professionals and students, with different work and training backgrounds, united by curiosity and the desire to bring to the city – and not only – an ever new point of view on the future and on the world. We believe in the power of ideas and knowledge, connections and the potential that is released from the intersection of skills and energies.

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