What is TED

TED is a global community dedicated to ideas worth spreading.
In 1984 the first event was held in the USA with the aim of meeting and sharing ideas between innovators and pioneers in the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design.
The annual TED Conference is held in Vancouver and invites the world’s best thinkers and creators.

What is TEDx

TED in line with its mission, has launched the TEDx program, which is a series of independently organized local events that aim to bring together the public to live an experience similar to the one experienced with TED while continuing to promote and share ideas and innovative experiences locally.
Today the TEDx conferences organized around the world have generated a flow of ideas followed by the entire world population.

What is TEDxRoma

Since 2014 TEDxRoma, born under license from the US non-profit foundation TED, thanks to a passionate team of volunteers and the participation of over 150 personalities from all over the world, has created a community in Rome that has grown significantly every year.

TEDxRoma encourages and supports the dissemination of brilliant, innovative and creative ideas to stimulate change, offering the public the opportunity to listen to live contributions from speakers from all over the world, generating a continuous exchange of ideas and a strong connection between the participants.

Past Editions

Menno Schilthuizen

How animals and plants are evolving in cities

Stefano Andreoli

Moriremo di Storytelling

Khaled Bichara

Illusion of stability

Vincenzo Nigro

La biblioteca della vita: dalla lettura alla riscrittura

Amedeo Balbi

Siamo soli nell’universo?

Vint Cerf

Bit rot (on digital vellum)

Giovanni Corazza

Creative thinking – how to get out of the box and generate ideas

Aya Sadder

In the Future will have 72 hours in a day

Philip Zimbardo

Creating a new generation of youth superheroes

Kate Devlin

Sex robots: The truth behind the headlines