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World-renowned scientist and inventor of the revolutionary fiber erbium (EDFA) now universally used and thanks to which it was possible to create the telecommunications systems of the past 30 years.
He is Director of the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton and from the 70s to today his contributions to optical fiber technology are the backbone of the Internet and the contemporary digital world.
He received the UK Rank Prize for Optics, the 2001 Mountbatten Medal, the 2004 Kelvin Medal for the application of engineering science, 2007 IEEE Photonics Award, 1991 IEEE / LEOS Tyndall Award, the 1998 Benjamin Franklin Medal for Engineering, and is a Laureate of the 2008 Millennium Technology Prize.
Sir David Payne is also Eduard Rhein Laureate and member of the Academies of Sciences of Russia and Norway and member of the UK Royal Society, the UK Royal Academy of Engineering, the Optical Society of America.
As a businessman, he founded the York Technologies (now PK Technology, Inc.) and SPI Lasers.
He was named in 2013 in the Knight of Honor List for services to applied photonics research. He is the author of over 650 scientific publications and over 40 patents.