Project Description



Giuseppe Testa  is a biomolecular scientist , Professor at the University of Milan and Director of the Epigenetics Laboratory at the Institute of Stem Cells, European Institute of Oncology in Milan. After his studies at EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) in Heidelberg and his scientific activities at the Universities of Manchester and Harvard, he returned to Italy to complete his bimolecular research aimed at creating “mobile avatar” in  order to study and cure -in a not so distant future – diseases such as tumors, autism and Williams syndrome.

Scientists of the Giuseppe Testa team ,using the technique of “Disease modeling” – which studies the molecular basis and the rules of evolution of the disease with the aim to develop strategies for more effective therapies – have conducted clinical studies not  on actual people anymore, but on their “external” model, exactly an avatar, and gathered important findings – published in Nature Genetics –  fundamental to understand the mechanisms underlying genetic diseases.

The next frontier will be achieved with the same method , to produce more complex structures of cells or tissues. Still not real organs “organoids”, in order to understand how the cerebral bark functions.

Testa claims “also in biology scientists are called to respond more and more to the needs expressed by society , integrating them in their work”.