Project Description



Catalina Curceanu is a researcher of “impossible atoms” As Head Researcher of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, she deals with the planning and management of experiments of nuclear and hadronic physics in Italy’s National Laboratories of Gran Sasso.
As the 2016 prize recipient of the “Women in Physics Lecturer” awarded by the Australian Institute of Physics, she received her doctorate in research in the field of spectroscopic meson physics in the OBELIX (CERN) experiment. For this work, she received the prestigious, scientific prize awarded by the Romanian Academy in Rome.
Oana believes that although a phenomen or success achieved in physics is considered a given, there is always the chance on the horizon for its opposite to be discovered. This state of unstable knowledge makes us constantly far away from the full comprehension of phenomenons and, thanks to this uncertainty, all of mankind can push itself beyond, and continue to ask questions and demand answers.
From Oana’s 150 scientific publications, one can deduce that the journey towards big discoveries is fortunately full of new paths. As Oana herself says, “the most important thing is to keep one’s curiosity and desire to discover alive.”