Project Description



CANDACE JOHNSON  is a serial entrepreneur expert in satellite telecommunications and innovation. Co-founder of SES Global, the world’s most important player in the satellite telecommunications sector, President of Johnson Paradigm Ventures (JPV), and founder of Sophia Euro Lab, the first transnational European company of early stage investments.

Candace Johnson was named by Time and Fortune magazine among the 50 most influential women in Europe, and received, together with the inventors of the World Wide Web (Vinton Cerf and Tim Berners – Lee) the “Lifetime Achievement Award” of the World Communication Awards, for her work which provided for universal access to telecommunications worldwide.

Candace is the founder and President of VATM, the association of private operators of telecommunications in Germany and the first network for managers and influential women in the telecommunications sector in the world, Global Telecom Women’s Network (GTWN). Candace has received numerous awards, such as Commander of the Luxembourg Order, as well as honorary degrees – from the Sorbonne and Stanford University – for her contribution to the creation of universal satellite programs often defying barriers and imposing futuristic visions, still considered avant-garde today. The telecommunications sector worldwide calls her the Lady of the Satellites, SatellyteLady.